Manager Success Coaching

Why Management Coaching?

Research shows that less than 80% of all managers have had any formal management training on how to lead, engage, and coach employees, build high performance teams and develop themselves. Promoting or leaving managers in place who don’t have the proper management skills can have serious consequences for both the individua and the organization.

Few managers receive the support, training and mentoring they need to transition into management, maximize their leadership effectiveness, and get results through the people they manage.

In an ever-increasing competitive marketplace, this is even more of a challenge as current and aspiring managers are facing immense performance challenges. Most are dealing with competing priorities, increasing business demands, fewer resources, and not enough time to manage it all. Mor than ever, managers need expert advice, that helps guide them and coaches them towards success in today’s complex and fast-paced business environment.

Why Us?

We specialize coaching and mentoring High-Potentials, First Time Managers, Current Managers, and Managers ready to move up the corporate ladder

Our Certified Learning and Performance Consultants understand the demands of today's business environment and can help you develop a strategy that gets you from your current state to your desired state - where you want to be. Solving your toughest workplace challenges and experiencing success along the way.

What You Can Expect?

Our coaching and mentoring process is results driven. We help you solve your toughest workplace challenges and identify blind spots that could potentially damage your career.

One of our coaching experts will closely work with you and help you focus on:

  • Building self-confidence, emotional intelligence and become more self-aware of potential blind spots that could derail your career.
  • Building team trust and collaboration.
  • Improving employee engagement and changing negative perceptions.
  • Learning how to coach and give feedback that helps your team get results.
  • Learn how to get guidance and support from your own manager.
  • Learn how to have difficult conversations that you’ve been avoiding.
  • Successfully transition from being a peer to a manager.
  • Take charge of your professional development and career and get to the next level.
  • Turn around a struggling team that works well together and gets results.
We’ve found one session isn't quite enough to build rapport and make rapid progress, but two spread out over the course of one month will be just the turbo-boost you need to get going.

The one-month Success Coaching Jumpstart includes:

  • Two 45-minute sessions, held over the phone.
  • Email in-between if you have questions that come up.
  • The investment for coaching and mentoring expertise is $497 for the one-month program.
  • If you would like to continue Success Coaching afterthe jumpstart, you will have the option to enroll in ongoing coaching (on a monthly retainer) at a discounted rate.

Together you’ll work through the following phases:

Current State. Where are you currently? How is your success being measured? What are your biggest challenges? What other factors are impacting your performance? What have you tried so far to develop your skills?

Future State. Where are, you heading? What does success look like? Where will you be and how will you feel in 6 months or a year if nothing changes

Action Plan. We’ll help you identify and prioritize actions needed to reach your goals. Determine how to track and measure progress. Identify resources and support you’ll need. We'll share tools, templates and strategies to help maximize your efficiency and free up your time to make the biggest impact.

Follow-up. We’ll help you work through roadblocks and obstacles as you make progress towards your goal. Identify best practices for continued high performance. Identify how to strategically market your accomplishments.

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