HiPO Training On-Demand


  • fierce leadership
  • performance excellence
  • increased employee engagement
  • growing profits


Through the accelerated training and development of High Potentials, Supervisors and Managers -These are your Difference Makers!

We make it easy and affordable for your staff to receive the training they need to become the leaders your organization relies on them to be. We’re able to bring our clients this game changing new service by partnering with Online Business Learning. We call it HiPO Training On-Demand.

HiPO Training On-Demand is an online library of 1000s of professionally-produced premium training videos from the industry's top producers. Engaging and memorable for effective retention. Search for your hot topic, we bet you'll find it. 


With the built-in Learning Management System, you can tailor employee, management and leadership development plans, control what courses your employees are assigned and even load your own training content. You’ll also be able to track completions, pass/fail scores, run reports, and send reminder emails to employees to complete learning assignments.

Don’t worry, you don’t need to know how to code software with our system. Users simply need to create a username and password and search for the courses they want to take, that’s it!

Easily Track and Manage Learning

Easily Track and Manage Learning

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  • Sky rocket on-the-job performance and personal results
  • Train for greater responsibilities, promotion ora new job
  • Get your career unstuck and move up as far as you want to go
  • Solve workplace issues and develop your team
  • Create your own opportunities and take charge of your development
  • Create your desired personal lifestyle through your professional success

Teams & Organizations

  • Create high performance teams
  • Increase employee engagement and morale
  • Develop high-speed organizational trust
  • Solve workplace issues
  • Develop managers, leaders, and top talent
  • Improve accountability
  • Increase collaboration
  • Cut annual training budget and employee development costs


Watch your organization advance as your Different Makers excel through premium and award-winning training and development resources at a cost our competitors can’t match.

Organizations can cut their annual training budget by as much as 80% by using our on-demand video training library. Most professional development and training providers charge up to $500 to $800 per user of their system. HiPO Training On-Demand is only $149 (1 Year License – 1 user per license).

After purchase, please allow our support team 24 hours to create your account in our LMS. You will receive an email with a link to our system to create your user name and password.

After you create your account, email us at support@hipotc.com if you need training administrator access added to your account at no additional cost.

HiPO Training On-Demand
$149 – 1 Year License

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