Difficult Conversations – Coaching Session

Mastering Difficult Conversations - Coaching Session

You can feel it. Nobody wants to talk about it and acts like there’s nothing wrong. Things haven’t been good for a while. You figure your best option is to avoid dealing with the problem and the person. Just thinking about it stresses you out. And yet that’s the worst thing you can do because it’s only going to get worse. Avoiding a difficult conversation is not a good choice, and it’s certainly not a solution.

It’s time to learn how to master difficult conversations:

Mastering Difficult Conversations is an essential skill to help maintain the health of a personal or professional relationship. Avoiding these conversations always result in things getting worse; possibly risking your success, key relationships, projects and possibly your career.

But it doesn’t have to be that way!

We want to help learn to how to have the difficult conversations you’ve been avoiding. Conversations that will result in a productive and satisfying outcome, with a deep understanding of the truth, mutual respect and self-esteem intact for all parties.

Rather than putting you through 2-3 days of training we have found our clients gain deeper knowledge and skills faster through1 on 1 hands-on private coaching and mentoring sessions.

Our coaching experts will help you:

  • Define your most critical issue that needs to be discussed and resolved
  • Determine how the issue is impacting both parties and the potential fall out if you take no action
  • Define the ideal outcome
  • Complete the Mastering Difficult Conversations Preparation Guide (you can use this same guide and process every time you need to have a difficult conversation with someone).
  • o Finally, we model the skills you need to use and then help you practice until you’re prepared. We ensure you’re fully equipped to have a productive conversation that gets to the root of the issue and ends with both people working collaboratively together against the problem and not each other.

You’re literally a click away from enriching connections, helping people reengage, boosting productivity and finding resolutions to problems before they destroy relationships, projects and the human spirit.

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