Less than 80% of all employees receive formal management training before transitioning into a management position. Over 60% of all first-time managers perform so poorly during their first two years of leading teams that they quit, go back to being individual-contributors or get fired!

At any given time as many as 70% of all employees in the workforce are actively or passively looking for other employment opportunities because they work for an ineffective manager.

Incompetent management has a devastating impact on U.S organizations costing them $450-$550 billion a year in employee disengagement, underperforming teams and low retention.


We specialize in helping workplace professionals who want a career in management, first-time managers and existing managers who want to reach their full potential, develop, and grow.
Our development programs are the product of comprehensive job-task analysis of management skills needed to Lead Self, Lead Others and Lead the Organization.
We help you excel and reach your potential through programs like:

  • First-Time Manager Training
  • Need Coaching Now! Coaching Sessions –Coaching in real-time with one of our management experts
  • Mastering Difficult Conversations – How to Discuss What Matters Most
  • HiPO Training On-Demand - Over 2,000 award-winning training courses for your continued growth long-term and training resources for the development of your team
We make all our learning resources to fit any budget so that large organizations down to small businesses and individual professionals can afford our services.

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  • I've been managing teams for over 15 years and have taken Situational Leadership from Ken Blanchard which changed my entire approach to management. However, I wish I had taken the First-Time Manager Training even before I became a leader. This course should be mandatory for anyone thinking about pursuing a career in management, first-time managers, and people who've been managing for years. This has changed the game and is the best management
    course I've seen in 25 years.
    Hamilton J
  • Your training on how to better handle workplace challenges has helped to improve how I manage team conflict, keep my staff engaged and keep morale high. Working with HiPO Coaches also helped me learn very quickly how to master difficult conversations. I'm able to use the tools they gave me to keep conversations on track and get win-win results, plus I don't fear these type of conversations anymore. Thank you!
    Production Engineer

We have made it our business to deliver programs and services based on best practices, research, and real-life results that help leaders, emerging talent and teams tap into unlimited potential and drive business growth.


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